Streator Chamber

The Back Story

The Streator Area Chamber of Commerce wanted to update their current website to attract more visitors.  After sitting down with Jack and the team we determined that a website overhaul would be the best route to go.  The website needed an updated look and feel.  It also needed to be mobile friendly and allow businesses to become Chamber Members on the website.  An employee needed to be able to change some dynamic content as well.


Bright and bold images make the page stand out. Chamber events and news items are updated through the content management system and allowed them to get the latest news out to businesses and the public.

Capturing the Story

The Streator Chamber had previously focused their website on being a homepage for people, in the hopes they would make it their main visit everyday.  Items like news, weather and stocks filled the page.  Most people have reliable outlets for such information and we needed to change the identity of the website.  The website needed to focus on businesses and the community.  It was the focus of the Chamber and it needed to be the focus of the website.

Chamber Companies

Each business has the ability to send in information to be put on the website.  We highlighted businesses and put them first and foremost.

The Mobile Site

The website was also responsive; adapting to multiple screen sizes and widths.  Turning the phone sideways displays a different layout than vertical positioned phones.  All items are touch friendly.


I am a Streator Ambassador and I wanted to make the website relay the important tools and benefits it provides to Streator businesses and community. The site included a custom responsive web design & content management system integration. Visit Streator Chamber.

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