Ottawa Regional

A Website Goes Down

In the fall of 2009 I was employed with Ottawa Regional Hospital during that time the website the hospital ran with a 3rd party was hacked. Upon investigating what information may have been compromised I discovered social security numbers that had been stored in plain text in their online job application database. Working with the head of the hospital and an IT forensic team we determined that the data had been compromised. The initiative was set to notify all online job applicants and pull down the website until vulnerabilities could be fixed. The 3rd party could not identify the issue so the website was permanently disabled.

Ottawa Regional

Above is how the website looked until it was discontinued and moved to OSF.

Relaunching a New Website

With a website permanently down my manager turned to me to get a server running with a few webpages. Over the course of a few months I built and maintained all aspects of Ottawa Regional Hospitals Website. It included items such as a job application form (with no need for social security numbers), doctor directory and a card system to send cards to patients within the hospital. I ran and maintained the site for a few years until the merger with OSF occurred. At this time the website was no longer needed and all items were merged into OSF’s website platform.


The hospital already had a great library of images and I was able to put them to use and make a very personal and welcoming experience.

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